The Latest AI Upgrades in iOS 17: Photo-Based Recipe Suggestions and More

Image: Apple

Stay up-to-date with the dynamic app economy as we bring you the latest news, updates, startup fundings, mergers, and acquisitions. In this article, we dive into the world of apps and explore the exciting AI enhancements introduced in Apple's iOS 17. Discover how these advancements, including the ability to search for recipes from photos, are reshaping the way users interact with their iPhones.

Apple's iOS 17 Unveils Powerful Computer Vision Upgrades

During the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple surprised users with a host of minor yet impressive computer vision upgrades in iOS 17. One notable addition is the ability to transform personal photos into stickers by effortlessly cutting out the subject. Additionally, a groundbreaking feature called Visual Look Up caught our attention.

Visual Look Up: Quietly introduced on Apple's iOS 17 teaser page, Visual Look Up revolutionizes how users search for recipes. With this feature, your iPhone can now identify food photos and suggest similar dishes. For instance, a photo of a delicious bowl of quinoa might lead you to discover other tantalizing quinoa-based meals, particularly breakfast options, as depicted in the accompanying image. This innovative functionality offers a convenient way to find culinary inspiration without extensive web searches, although it may not provide the exact recipe for the pictured dish.

Apple's Strategic Move: The inclusion of Visual Look Up in iOS 17 represents Apple's subtle strategy of redirecting users away from relying on Google Search. By encouraging users to initiate their queries directly on their iPhones, Apple aims to minimize the need for external search engines. Consequently, search results provided through Visual Look Up will connect users to the respective recipe websites, bypassing Google altogether. This approach aligns with Apple's previous efforts, such as leveraging Spotlight's improvements to direct users to Wikipedia pages and offer information on actors, movies, shows, and musicians directly within Spotlight's search results.

Spotlight Enhancements: While web searches take a backseat in iOS 17's Spotlight update, the introduction of "Top Hits" showcases a collection of common app shortcuts when you search for a specific app. For example, a search for "Photos" may suggest useful shortcuts like "Recent" or "Favorites," enhancing the overall app navigation experience.

Pausing Videos for Information: Apart from the Visual Look Up feature, iOS 17 offers additional enhancements related to video playback. Users can now pause videos to access relevant information about the subject by simply tapping on an info icon. This functionality provides a seamless way to gather details and gain insights while watching videos.

Interactive Stickers: Building upon the introduction of object cutouts in iOS 16, iOS 17 takes it a step further by allowing users to turn these cutouts into interactive stickers. With the Live Stickers feature, you can effortlessly create stickers from your own photos or paused videos. These stickers, which can be customized with various effects, are accessible throughout iOS 17, including third-party apps.


The app economy continues to thrive, and Apple's iOS 17 introduces remarkable AI enhancements that enhance user experiences. From searching for recipes directly from food photos to interactive stickers and streamlined app navigation, iOS 17 exemplifies Apple's commitment to seamlessly integrate AI into our daily lives. Stay tuned for more updates from the ever-evolving world of apps and discover how technology continues to shape our digital experiences.

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