Apple adds offline map navigation to iOS 17


Apple Maps is set to unveil a highly anticipated feature in response to user feedback: offline maps. With the imminent launch of iOS 17 later this year, Apple users will finally have the ability to download specific map regions for offline access, granting them the convenience of turn-by-turn navigation even without an internet connection. Similar to the online experience, the offline maps will display nearby points of interest, estimated arrival times, and offer comprehensive directions for driving, walking, cycling, and public transit. This functionality proves invaluable, especially when traversing unfamiliar areas with limited network coverage, providing users with a reliable backup solution if signal drops. However, it's worth noting that areas not downloaded will not be covered, urging caution when deviating too far from the selected route.

For years, Apple Maps users have voiced their discontent about the absence of offline maps, and now their wishes have been granted. Our former colleague, Mitchell Clark, aptly described the app as "turning into a brick" without Wi-Fi or cellular service. Even our news editor, Jay Peters, highlighted this as one of the primary drawbacks of Apple Maps compared to its competitor, Google Maps, which has supported offline maps for quite some time. Alongside the offline maps feature, Apple aims to enhance user experiences further. The company plans to simplify the search for park trails across the United States, providing detailed place cards featuring essential information like trail length, difficulty, type, and elevation gain. Furthermore, real-time data on electric vehicle charging station availability will be integrated, allowing users to filter stations based on charging network, plug type, and other relevant options.

Apple's commitment to addressing user feedback and improving their mapping service shines through with the introduction of offline maps in iOS 17. This long-awaited addition is set to revolutionize the navigation experience for Apple users, empowering them with reliable and comprehensive guidance even in areas with unreliable or absent network coverage. With additional features like trail exploration and electric vehicle charging station information, Apple Maps continues to demonstrate its dedication to innovation and user satisfaction.

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