Zoom new AI allows you generate meeting summary without recording


Zoom has introduced new AI-powered features that aim to enhance productivity and streamline communication for its users. One of these features is the ability to generate meeting summaries without actually recording the meetings. Hosts can now use Zoom IQ, the app's AI assistant, to create summaries and share them via Zoom Team Chat or email. This allows users to quickly catch up on missed meetings without having to watch the entire recording.

In addition to meeting summaries, Zoom has also integrated AI into its Team Chat functionality. Leveraging OpenAI's technology, users can compose messages that are tailored to the context of a Team Chat thread. The AI system assists in generating messages, and users have the flexibility to customize the tone and length of the message before sending it.

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These new features build upon Zoom IQ's existing capabilities, which include creating meeting highlights and chapters. In the future, Zoom plans to introduce more AI-powered functionalities through its partnership with OpenAI and Anthropic. Some upcoming features include writing AI-based emails by utilizing context from previous interactions, summarizing threads in Zoom Team Chat with a single click, discreetly obtaining in-chat meeting summaries for late arrivals, generating whiteboard drafts with text prompts, and automatically categorizing ideas during brainstorming sessions.

Zoom acknowledges that it collects data from user interactions with its AI features to train its own Zoom IQ AI models. However, the data is not shared with third parties unless users opt to share it. Other productivity platforms like Salesforce's Slack and Microsoft 365 have also incorporated AI features into their offerings. For instance, Slack enables users to reply with ChatGPT, and Microsoft has introduced an AI Copilot for its 365 apps.

Currently, the meeting summaries and chat compose features of Zoom IQ are available as a free trial for select Zoom plans. These plans include Zoom One (Enterprise Plus, Enterprise, Business Plus, Business, Pro) and certain Zoom legacy bundles. Pricing details for these features will be announced by Zoom in the coming months.

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