This expensive TV cost $8,000 and here is what it gives you

Samsung, the world's leading TV brand, has recently introduced its newest addition to the TV market, the 98Q80C. Boasting an impressive 98-inch screen size and priced at $8,000, this TV offers an unparalleled viewing experience. In this article, we will delve into the features and performance of the Samsung 98Q80C while also exploring its smart capabilities, such as Smart View and Samsung TV Plus, which enhance the overall entertainment experience.

Size and Price

The 98Q80C stands out as the largest mass-market TV available, boasting over 8 feet of diagonal screen space. Although other manufacturers offer larger projection-based screens, Samsung's 98-inch TV sets a new standard. It's worth noting that Samsung also offers even more substantial Micro-LED TVs, such as the 110-inch model priced at $150,000.

Technology and Image Quality

The 98Q80C utilizes Samsung's state-of-the-art QLED technology to deliver stunning visuals. While OLED models may offer a slightly higher image quality, the 98Q80C compensates with its innovative features like Smart View and Samsung TV Plus. With Smart View, you can effortlessly mirror content from your smartphone or tablet to the TV, expanding your viewing options. Additionally, Samsung TV Plus provides a wide range of free channels, offering a wealth of content for you to enjoy without any extra cost.

Performance and Backlighting 

The 98Q80C may not match the performance of Samsung's Neo QLED lineup or the QN90B, but it still offers an impressive viewing experience. While it lacks mini-LED backlights found in some other models, it incorporates full-array local dimming, a valuable feature that enhances picture quality. Alongside its advanced features like Smart View and Samsung TV Plus, the TV also supports AirPlay, allowing seamless streaming of content from your Apple devices. Furthermore, Multi View on Samsung TVs enables you to multitask and enjoy two different sources simultaneously, perfect for keeping up with multiple shows or watching sports and movies side by side.

Comparisons and Affordability

In terms of affordability, the Q80C stands as the most budget-friendly option among Samsung's 98-inch TVs. If you are seeking a slightly lower price for this screen size, TCL's 98R754 is available at $5,000. Additionally, TCL's QM8 series offers a 98-inch version with a mini-LED backlight, which, based on specifications, should outperform Samsung's offering. Priced at $10,000 and expected to be released soon, it presents a compelling alternative.


Samsung's latest offering, the 98Q80C TV, provides an immersive viewing experience with its massive 98-inch screen. While it may not match the image quality of OLED models, it compensates with its advanced features like Smart View and Samsung TV Plus. With Smart View, you can easily stream content from your mobile devices, while Samsung TV Plus offers a plethora of free channels to explore. Additionally, features like AirPlay and Multi View add to the TV's versatility and convenience. Consider the Samsung 98Q80C for a captivating home entertainment experience that goes beyond mere picture quality.

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